It is the last purchase operation from China ... and through this process, goods are transferred from the exporting country to the importer's country through international shipping companies that we will not really deny ...

Sea freight

First of all, it is necessary to differentiate between shipping companies and shipping offices, where the first is the party responsible for transporting goods from the country of export to the country of import, securing empty containers and securing all the necessary papers for those goods.

As for shipping offices, they are considered the mediator between the buyer and the shipping companies, and he is the one who secures all the necessary requirements, not completing the shipping process without the buyer or the importer returning to those companies, and it is considered as one of the services provided by the office or the commercial intermediary and is considered the best option to complete such operations.

1 Reservation of the container, preferably through the factory or through shipping offices, so that the process is completed easily.

2 Loading the container in the factory or transporting the goods to the shipping warehouse and arranging them well. They are loaded into the container.

3 After that, the commercial broker makes the necessary documents related to the goods and prepares them until they are delivered to the customer in order to facilitate the entry of the container in the country of the importer, such as the packing list, certificates of origin, invoices and bill of lading for the goods.

We note that shipping rates in China are uneven, which is due to many factors.